Empower Your Web3 Development with Bubble Protocol Private Off-Chain Data Management with On-Chain Security
Putting users in control of their data Bubble Protocol brings private data to decentralised applications, enabling Web3 privacy innovation for developers and businesses.
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Unlocking Innovation Across Industries
Decentralised Applications Private data storage and cross-device synchronisation
Privacy Innovation Use the power of smart contracts to share access to private off-chain data
Data Tokenisation Private content accessible only to token holders
Social Media Private messaging and social media with real-time notifications
Paywall Pay-per-view content and subscriptions
A Vital Piece Of The Web3 Stack
Governance Bubble Protocol is an open source project. Governance token holders steer the overall project direction through quadratic voting and control of the project treasury. Token stakers earn a proportion of platform profits.
For Developers Build with confidence on a protocol that puts privacy first. Grant full control over data access through a hybrid Web2/Web3 solution. With POSIX-like access controls held in custom smart contracts, the protocol brings data control directly into your on-chain logic.
  • Private Off-Chain Storage
  • Access Controls On-Chain
  • Fully Customizable Controls
  • Blockchain Agnostic
  • Multi-User Encryption
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Key Delegation
  • Ideal for NFT-Controlled Storage
For Business Web3 is all about privacy-by-design. Bubble Protocol bridges Web2 and Web3 to offer a simple yet powerful new technology stack for privacy innovation and personal data governance. Its hybrid approach allows businesses to step lightly into the world of Web3 without compromising on security.
  • Automate GDPR Compliance
  • Web3 Customer Accounts
  • Novel Payment Schemes
  • On-Chain Service Level Agreements
  • Keep Customer Data In-House
  • Integrates With Existing Databases
  • State-Of-The-Art Encryption
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