Protecting sensitive data on a decentralised web
Bubble Protocol enables blockchains to control and govern private off-chain data.

Your data, your rules.

Over the past three decades the centralized structure of the web has significantly compromised our privacy. Cyberattacks, data trading, and data harvesting all pose serious threats to our individual autonomy. Web 3.0 has a vision to transform the underlying architecture of the web, decentralising services and returning control of personal data to users. It’s goal is simple: your data, your rules. Towards this goal, Bubble Protocol is developing critical infrastructure to integrate private user data into decentralised applications in a way that is both secure and simple to use, while unlocking a multitude of innovation possibilities.

Bubble Protocol creates a bridge between Web3 and private data.

Bubble is an open source protocol that lets blockchains control and govern private data held off-chain. It allows on-chain smart contracts to directly control access to off-chain data, whether held on cloud servers, decentralised storage networks or private company databases.

Key Features

Secure Off-chain Storage Private data is held in a protective ‘bubble’ on a secure relay server of the user’s choosing.
On-Chain Access Controls Each bubble is protected by a smart contract, which defines who can access what data under what conditions and acts as a service level agreement.
Fully Customisable A bubble smart contract is fully customisable by the developer, enabling a wide range of use cases and applications.

How It Works

Bubble protocol is designed for developers of decentralised applications and companies looking to move into Web3.
Step 1 Choose a smart contract to govern your data. *
Step 2 Deploy your smart contract to the blockchain of your choice.
Step 3 Create your bubble on a relay server of your choice. †
Step 4 Store your data off-chain under the protection of your bubble.
Step 5 Interact with your bubble’s data and smart contract.
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* Our forthcoming library will provide ready-made contracts for all sorts of use cases. Alternatively, you can request a custom contract or write your own. A Bubble smart contract is a state machine tailored to control the life cycle of the data for the application you are building. Use it to specify who can access the data and under what conditions. Specify smart contract transitions to manage the data life cycle. Use NFT contracts or on-chain oracles to control access to your data based on external events. The possibilities are endless.

† Use a cloud relay service like the Bubble Private cloud, install Bubble Protocol on your home or company server, or integrate Bubble Protocol with your existing database or infrastructure.

Supported Cloud Data Layers

Use Cases

Decentralised Applications Create a bubble for each user to store their personal data and app settings. Use it to sync data across devices. Read and write to your bubbles easily via a restful API confident that your smart contract will authenticate your users.
Data Tokenisation Store restricted content in a bubble and make it accessible only to token holders. Use a bubble for private NFT content. Hold both private content and public discovery data in the same bubble.
Social Media Create a bubble to share private social media data between friends and use it to relay posts and messages. Let users choose their relay server and give them control over their own social media data.
Customer Accounts Create a bubble for each customer to hold their personal data and account settings. Use the smart contract as their service level agreement and let the bubble manage privacy compliance and consent management for you. Allow different clients in a supply chain to read customer data at appropriate stages of the service lifecycle.
Paywall Take advantage of on-chain payments. Provide access to private content on a pay-per-view or subscription basis. Take payment directly in your bubble’s smart contract or sell an NFT to act as an access token.
Web3 Innovation Integrate Bubble Protocol into your existing data infrastructure and step lightly into Web3. Run a Web3 service in parallel with your current service using the same backend databases. Get a headstart in Web3 and experiment with the technology today.

DApps Built On Bubble Protocol

HushBubble End-to-end encrypted private chat, group chat, chat and nft chat.
Audiobook Decentralised service for publishing and consuming audiobooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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